Why use CRB Check Online for your DBS Checking requirements?

At CRB Check Online we have provided an exceptional DBS Checking service since the introduction of the Criminal Records Bureau and surrounding legislation in 2002.

These regulations allow DBS Disclosures (formerly CRB Checks) to be undertaken for employees and prospective employees in regulated sectors such as healthcare and education as well as legal and financial sectors when applicable.

Initially disclosures were only issued in paper form. Now, we issue Disclosures via the most up-to-date online portal in the entire UK.

DBS Checks assist companies by clarifying the past criminal history and backgrounds of those who come into contact with their clients, vulnerable persons, or confidential documents – ensuring they are suitable for employment.

Why use CRB Check Online for your DBS Checking requirements?

What are the benefits of using CRB Check online?

CRB Check Online has an enviable reputation as the UK’s leading provider of DBS Checks and we work with thousands of companies both large and small to provide a highly efficient and entirely confidential service.

Our clients include schools and colleges, nurseries, care and nursing homes, hospitals, legal firms, banks and many more. All of our DBS Checks are provided quickly and are competitively prices – with no registration fee.

The CRB Check online team are highly experienced, committed to providing excellent customer service and dedicated to helping all our clients, both large and small.

How much will it cost?

Costs are dependent on the level of Check that you require.

Our charges for processing Disclosures are stated below and cover the entire cost from application to the receipt of the Disclosure:

  • A Enhanced Disclosure is £66 Inc. VAT
  • A Standard Disclosure is £48 Inc. VAT
  • A Volunteer Disclosure is £22 Inc. VAT
  • A Basic Disclosure is £47 for Employers or £55 for individuals inc. VAT

How do I apply?

We provide DBS Disclosures as quickly as possible via our online system here at www.crb-checkonline.co.uk.

If you would like to speak to one of our team here for further information, feel free to contact us here on 0800 197 8858.

Why use CRB Check Online? A summary

It’s quick and easy – taking less than five minutes to request a DBS Check

There is no registration fee – you just pay for the Disclosures you request.

You can print off a DBS notification online when it’s clear – there’s no need to wait to see the applicant’s copy.

On average, our Enhanced and Standard DBS Checks are completed within 48 hours (based on over 200,000 applications processed in 2014).

Basic Disclosure Certificates are sent out in three to ten working days on average.