Why do Employers Need CRB Checks?


CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checking helps companies to ensure that their employees do not have criminal records. Here are some other reasons why businesses rely on CRB checks:

Security of the Company

Businesses usually have some confidential information that needs to be protected from the bigger community. CRB checks equip employers with relevant information pertaining to the reliability and discretion of the applicant. The company should adhere to strict hiring guidelines to avoid putting the security of the enterprise at stake.

Welfare of Current Employees

Hiring people with a criminal record, although rehabilitated, is still somewhat risky. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. It is hard to predict how the person with a bad background may behave in the long run and if they are truly better. Other employees may feel threatened or they may feel uncomfortable with the prospect of working with someone with a criminal record. This jeopardises professional trust and the cooperation required to get work done in a safe and healthy manner.

Protection of Clients and Customers
Besides the welfare of employees, companies need to also provide their customers or clients with the surety that there will be no issues arising from an employee who may have a bad background. Usually sales persons, waiters, customer assistants and representatives end up talking face to face with clients and customers. Clients and customers need to feel secure around them and feel safe within the premises of a business or company.

Check the CRB of your applicants with CRB Check Online to ensure that the workplace remains free from complications. Uncomfortable situations can easily be averted with a proper employee scanning procedure. Please contact us for more details.