Why dentists need DBS Checks: the answers

There are several important reasons why dentists need DBS Checks.

Dentists recommend regular visits to maintain healthy and good-looking teeth, with children and adults of all ages dependent on dentists to keep their teeth in a good condition.

They perform a vital public service which most people use regularly – even if many of us don’t go as often as we know we should!

But this is part of the reason why dentists need DBS Checks.

why dentists need DBS Checks: the answers

Health and safety

Dental practices play a key role in maintaining the oral hygiene of all members of society, including children as well as elderly and vulnerable adults.

Moreover, apart from some exceptions such as very young children, patients go to see dentists unaccompanied, away from other adult supervision behind a closed door.

Therefore it is crucial that the general public can rest assured that dentists are suitable for their role and can have peace of mind about their past background and criminal history.

Spent convictions

Dental practices are legally required to carry out DBS Checks on their potential employees.

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act in most cases gives individuals the right not to disclose spent offences on their criminal record, but some professions are exempted from this.

On this list of exempted professions are dentists, dental hygienists and dental auxiliaries.

In this case, an Enhanced DBS Check would provide the required level of screening for the profession.

With dentists, the position is also included and specifically listed within the Police Act 1997 so will be eligible for the Enhanced Level check with Barred Lists. It is illegal for an employer to allow an employee to work in regulated activity with children/adults if they have been barred from working with them; so employers are actually obliged to carry out the barred list checks for dentists.

This disclosure provides information on applicants’ cautions, warnings, reprimands and convictions, as well as whether he or she is on the barred list for children and adults – it also gives information from the applicant’s local police station.

It’s worth noting that dentists aren’t the only persons at a practice who are necessarily eligible for Checks. Receptionists/admin staff could be eligible to obtain a Standard Level Check if they will be accessing patients in receipt of healthcare.

Why dentists need DBS Checks: in summary

The reasons why dentists need DBS Checks are to ensure the safety of their patients and moreover, it’s required by law.

DBS Checks for dentists help provide peace of mind for the patients and their families and they are employers’ first line of defence against any potential inquiry in the event of an incident.

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