Where to Get CRB Checks for Schools

When working with children under 18 years of age you would be well advised to carry out a DBS Check (the new name for a CRB check) on any staff employed within your school to ensure that their background and possible past criminal history does not in any way endanger the children within your care.
To ensure that your DBS checks are carried out efficiently and in full confidentiality, then do not hesitate to contact the experts at CRB Checks Online who are the UKs leading supplier of CRB check online to schools and other employers.
The friendly and highly professional team at CRB Checks Online offer a superb DBS checking service that gives you precise and accurate reports on any potential employee that will help you to make a decision on their suitability for recruitment to work in your school. They will work with you to explain the DBS checking process and the implications of the results, also providing advice on any issues that may arise if required. You will always speak directly to a trained representative of CRB Checks Online and will never have your call answered by a call centre that cannot properly assist you.
To find out more about DBS checks for schools visit the CRB Checks Online website at https://crb-checkonline.co.uk/. Prices start from as little as £3.00 per DBS check.