When Do I Need a Basic DBS Check? Common Roles and Scenarios

when do i need a basic DBS check


It’s not always clear which roles and scenarios require you to get a criminal record check, so you may find yourself asking, “When do I need a basic DBS check?”

As you may know, a basic DBS check is the most accessible form of criminal record check, as anyone over the age of 16 can apply for one.

It will detail any unspent convictions an applicant has. These are commonly referred to as anything recent and/or serious.

Read on to find out about some common roles and scenarios in which an individual will need to apply for a basic DBS.

Personal Licence Applications

If you are looking to apply for a personal licence in order to sell alcohol then you will need to obtain a basic DBS certificate.

This is so that the local authority who is issuing your personal licence can be informed of any relevant criminal convictions which may impact your suitability to be a licensee.

You will need to supply a relevant basic DBS certificate as part of your application.

Scrap Metal Dealers

Did you know that you need a DBS check to be a scrap metal dealer? You’ll need to apply for basic DBS in order to prove your suitability for a site or mobile collector’s scrap metal licence.

The basic DBS check forms part of the requirement to provide details of any conviction for a relevant offence or any relevant enforcement action as stipulated as part of the licence application.

Visa Applications

If you’re travelling for work, or even for a holiday or wedding, you may need to request a basic DBS check to support your visa application.

Visa applications for some countries will include a requirement to obtain a UK criminal record check if you are living and travelling from the UK.

The basic DBS certificate can then be used as supporting material alongside your visa application to allow the government of the country you are travelling to, to make a decision on granting you a visa.


General Recruitment

Finally, any employer has the right to ask you about your unspent convictions. This means that any employer could ask for a basic DBS as part of the recruitment process.

Obtaining such a check in advance of applying for a job could save time in the recruitment process. Alternatively, a prospective employer may have a process in place in which to assist you in applying for the basic DBS.


Do I need a Basic DBS? How to apply

If you’ve confirmed that you require a basic DBS for an application, or perhaps a job role, how can you apply for one?

As an individual you can apply to the DBS directly if you’re living and/or working in England and Wales. If you’re living and/or working in Scotland, you can obtain a basic check from Disclosure Scotland.

Timescales for a check can vary, but the average processing time stated is typically 3- 10 working days.


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