What is the difference between a basic and enhanced criminal records check?

When considering undertaking a DBS checks (Disclosure and Barring Service), formerly known as a CRB checks, the level of checking very much depends upon the nature of your business. CRB Checks Online, the UKs’ number one DBS checking service advises that if your business is involved in the care, supervision, training or one to one charge of children under 18 years of age or vulnerable adults in situations such as schools, care homes, children homes, or activities such as scouts, brownies or guides then you will require an ‘enhanced’ DBS check for potential employees or volunteers. This ‘enhanced’ check is also deemed necessary in certain statutory sectors such as lottery licences or gaming.
The ‘enhanced’ DBS check involves a level of checking that is far above the statutory DBS check as it includes a check on Police records for information that may be relevant to that person’s employment and in a minority of cases may even include additional information that will be sent separately to the Countersignatory and will not be revealed to the DBS check applicant. CRB Checks Online guarantees that they will pass all DBS information that they receive direct to you the client to assist in your recruitment decision making process.
CRB Checks Online recommend that for those who are involved in the legal and financial sectors, ‘Standard’ DBS checks are applicable as they include information regarding any police convictions, cautions, reprimands or/and warnings held in England and Wales by the police authorities. As of the 12th October 2009, these ‘standard’ DBS checks no longer include checking upon the old or new Barred Lists. As such if you employ those who are working with, or volunteer to work with, children or vulnerable adults, CRB Checks Online advises that an ‘enhanced’ DBS check would be most suitable.
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