What is the DBS Checking process for volunteers?

This week we look at the DBS Checking process for volunteers. Firstly, let’s look at the definition of a volunteer:

“A volunteer is any person engaged in an activity which involves spending unpaid time doing something which aims to benefit a third party and who is not a close relative.”

A volunteer who is applying for a DBS Check must not:

  • Benefit directly from the position for which the DBS application is being submitted
  • Receive any payment (except for travel and other approved out of pocket expenses)
  • Be on a work placement
  • Be on a course that requires them to complete a voluntary role
  • Be in a trainee position that will lead to a full time role or qualification

What is the DBS Checking process for volunteers?

DBS Checks for volunteers: Eligibility

Here are some examples of volunteer positions that would be eligible for a DBS check:

  • Parent helpers in schools
  • Scout or Guide group helpers

These activities are entirely voluntary, unpaid and primarily aimed at providing a service to a third party.

Here are some examples of some volunteer positions that are not eligible for a DBS check:

  • Any person under the age of 16
  • Foster carers and members of the same household over 18

Although fostering is entirely voluntary, foster carers usually receive payments for their foster child, therefore it is deemed that neither them or other members of the household are entitled to a Check.

  • Individuals working abroad on volunteering projects.

These persons usually receive payment of a local salary, or lump sum payments that are above and beyond what could be described as travel and other approved out of pocket expenses. Therefore the DBS deem that such roles are not entitled for Checks.

  • Medical/teaching/social work student on work placement, as part of training

Even though this activity is a mandatory requirement for certain courses, it is usually paid and primarily undertaken to benefit the student for a qualification at the end.

How much does a volunteer DBS check cost?

Here at the CRBS we charge £22 inc. of vat for a volunteer this is the cost of the check and does not apply to the level of check you require.

Please note, this check must be applied via the relevant company/organisation that you are volunteering for, and not as an individual.

The DBS Checking process for volunteers – conclusion

We hope you found our blog on the DBS process for volunteers useful.

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