Tips for completing “Position Applied For” in a DBS application

30 characters of space. That’s not a lot – it even makes a Tweet seem extensive! How can you accurately convey the role that your applicant will be doing, and their eligibility for the DBS Check, in such few characters?


Completing “Position Applied For” in a DBS application can be a challenge, so we have compiled some key points of what you must include.

  • It is Essential to identify why the applicant is eligible – is it a regulated role e.g nurse or teacher?
  • Is it a role that isn’t usually eligible (such as chef or cleaner) but is eligible because of WHERE they work? Be sure to include this information when completing the field. Examples would include: schools, hospitals, care homes, nurseries, children’s centres, and family assessment centres.
  • With regard to their role, is it immediately obvious why this person is eligible? For example, “Senior Team Leader” does not tell us why this applicant is eligible for a DBS Check, whereas “Senior Care Team Leader” does.

For further information about completing “Position Applied For” in a DBS application take a look at the DBS Eligibility Guidance. This gives additional information about the legislation supporting the checks, and identifies some examples of eligibility. Here at CRB Check Online, we pride ourselves on getting our applications right for our clients. Our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff are on hand to guide you through the process and would be delighted to help you with completing “Position Applied For” in a DBS application. A correct application first time around can help to ensure accurate results – leading to faster processing times and recruitment decisions. Take those extra 60 seconds to be sure, or give us a call for assistance – it’ll be worth it.