Child safety: While smart hiring is crucial in schools

Naturally, child safety is something that parents are particularly sensitive to when leaving their little ones at school.

When you are hiring potential employees for a school, your own background checks may not be thorough enough to ensure peace of mind for mums and dads.

Where child safety is a priority, a legitimate Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check is vital.

It serves as the primary line of defence for an institution in the case of an incident, as well as providing information that will help you make the best possible recruitment decisions.

Why a background check is so important

You don’t need a lie detector to perform an effective background check.

You only need to perform an initial screening of potential employees and then let the DBS Check do the rest of the work.

DBS/CRB Disclosures are the documented files that are obtained by the police and government departments.

Used by recruiters and human resource personnel nationwide for safer recruiting, they are also used to gain information if a person has had a criminal record in the past.

CRB Check Online provide quick DBS/CRB Disclosures through our online system.

The company’s improved DBS Check contains information from police records, via the local Chief of Police.

Child safety: The perks of online DBS Checks

A DBS Check will secure child protection within a school, guaranteeing safety for both parents and employers.

Online DBS Checks are hassle free and low cost, as well as fast – CRB Check Online provide most disclosures within 48 hours.

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