Recruiting Volunteers: Tips for Success

Recruiting volunteers is a great way to help your organisation grow and achieve its aims – but it’s important to recruit the right people.

Recruiting volunteers

This is especially true for volunteer roles that will involve working with children or vulnerable adults. It’s crucial that the people you select for these roles are suitable to be working with these vulnerable groups.

We’ve put together a list of our top tips for recruiting volunteers:

Do your homework

Before you start recruiting, do some background work. Think carefully about how your organisation could benefit from volunteers, and what roles they’d best be suited to.

Consider what tasks your volunteers might carry out, and what skills and experience they’d need to be successful in the role.

It might help to talk to other people in your organisation. This might include other staff members, trustees or current volunteers.

Your organisation may already have a volunteer policy that describes the procedure for recruiting volunteers. If so, use this to help you plan how you’ll find, select, train and manage your volunteers.

If your organisation doesn’t yet have a volunteer policy, consider writing one.

Ace the role description

The volunteer role description is your opportunity to attract the best people for the job – so make sure you get it right.

The role description should include:

  • An introduction to your organisation. What does it do, and who does it benefit?
  • Descriptions of the volunteer roles available
  • How volunteers can benefit from those roles
  • The impact volunteers have in supporting your organisation’s aims
  • How to find out more and apply

Think about the people you’re hoping to target, and try to use words and language that will resonate with those people the most.

Do the appropriate background checks

If the volunteer role will involve working with children, vulnerable adults or both, applicants may be eligible for a DBS check.

If so, it’s the responsibility of the organisation to carry out a DBS check on the volunteer to ensure they’re safe to undertake their role within the establishment.

Whether or not they’re eligible will be dependent on the specific nature of their role. If a DBS check is required, make sure you carry one out before the volunteer starts in their role.

No applicant should be working in regulated activity with children or vulnerable adult without a valid DBS check, and safeguarding should be a top priority for every organisation.

All volunteers will need to have their DBS check processed through the relevant organisation – just like a paid staff member. Individuals cannot apply for DBS checks on themselves.

Recruiting volunteers: a conclusion

We hope our guide to recruiting volunteers helps you find the right people to support your organisation’s cause.

Recruiting the right volunteers will not only benefit your organisation – it will provide an enriching experience for the people volunteering. Good luck!

CRB Check Online can cater for all your DBS needs and we’d be more than happy to talk you through any queries you have surrounding the eligibility of your volunteers. Please feel free to get in touch with us any time on 0800 197 88 58.