Our Process and Prices


We are here to help you through the Disclosure process every step of the way. Our online system has been designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy to use even for clients who do not use computers regularly. The process takes around five minutes to request a Disclosure and the results can come back in under 24 hours.

Our system is the most up to date in the UK and has been built based on customer feedback, ensuring it is efficient – resulting in a hassle-free process. Over 10,000 organisations benefit from using the portal, ranging from over 2,000 care homes requesting one to ten checks a year to the largest healthcare recruiter vetting over 9,000 candidates. The system is split into two sections:

Start Application – this can be completed by the employer or the applicant. It asks for all the relevant information about the candidate required to complete the DBS/CRB check.

Manage Application – this is completed by a registered contact within the organisation. In this section, the employer confirms the level of Disclosure and carries out the ID check.

‘Requesting a Disclosure only takes five minutes from start to finish!’

Prices – Here at CRB Check Online we don’t charge any ongoing or registration fees. It is completely FREE to open an account and all you pay for are the Disclosures you request. You don’t even have to commit to certain amount of Checks…

Our charges for processing Disclosures are stated below and cover the entire cost from application to the receipt of the Disclosure.

Employers – open an account for FREE!

Opening a new account takes under five minutes. It’s completely free – you only pay for the Disclosures you request! You are typically registered in less than two working hours.

Please supply your email address and click “Open Account” to get started.


Product DBS/DS Charge
CRB Check Online Charge
(each inc. VAT)
Total Charge
(each inc. VAT)
Initial Sign-Up Fee £0.00 £0.00 £0.00
Enhanced Disclosure £44.00 £22.00 £66.00
Standard Disclosure £26.00 £22.00 £48.00
Volunteer Disclosure £0.00 £22.00 £22.00
Basic Disclosure £25.00 £22.00 £47.00

Please note: There is no VAT on the DBS/Disclosure Scotland charge as it is treated as a disbursement.

All prices are for new organisations this year, and are fixed until 31st December 2017. You can pay for your Disclosures using a credit/debit card online – however we can offer an alternative payment method if this is not convenient.

If you require DBS Adult First Checks to be carried out, we can arrange these and the results are generally available within 24 hours. They are provided at a small additional cost and further details are available upon request.

When you are ready to use our service, please click on the button below or call us on 0800 197 8858. Thank you.