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In 2002 legislation was passed to enable employers in certain sectors such as those involved with the care of the elderly, children under 18 years of age, vulnerable adults, legal and financial work,  to undertake CRB check online (now referred to as DBS checks), to ensure that the past criminal background of their employees was suitable for employment in their company.

Very simply DBS checks enable an employer to have official knowledge of a person’s background and past criminal history and these acts as both a protection for those in their care or confidential documents, and also aids with recruitment of the right character and calibre of person.

If your company is involved in one of these sectors and you feel that a DBS check would assist with your recruitment procedures, then do not hesitate to contact the specialist team at CRB Checks Online who are the UK’s leading supplier of DBS checks. They work with many different companies including care and nursing homes, colleges, schools, doctors and dentist’s surgeries, hospitals, banks, solicitors and voluntary organisations and offer a superb service at a very affordable cost.

By going online at you can find out more about CRB Checks Online and can access their superb DBS checking service for as little as £3 per DBS check.  When using their DBS check service you will always speak to a member of their team who can provide reassuring help and advice on the DBS checking process and should any of your DBS checks show any adverse information, they can assist with advice on how to act on this information.

If you want to find out more about undertaking DBS checks online, then email the team  at CRB Checks Online at: or call them on 0800 197 8858

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