Key elements of a DBS application – what you need to know

The key elements of a DBS application? As one of the UK’s leading DBS providers, we think it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about them.

In fact, we’re going to stick our necks out and say we know at least three. Bear with us.

If you’re involved in HR or pre-employment screening, make sure you know the three key elements of a DBS application.

key elements of a dbs application

1. Applicants’ information

One of the more time-consuming, but essential, elements of completing a DBS application is ensuring you have all the correct information before starting.

The amount of time you take depends on how you complete your DBS application.

Old-fashioned, paper application forms really need to be right first time – otherwise you’ll be facing unnecessary, and often lengthy, delays.

In fact, paper applications may well be on their way out.

When filling out a form online there is greater margin for error – but you don’t want to complete an application form to find out you’re missing information and have to start all over again!

At CRB Check Online all our applications are online (there’s a clue in the name!) We ensure this is made as simple as possible for our clients with guidance notes at hand every step of the way. Whenever required.

All information required by the applicant to complete a DBS Check can be provided upon registration, keeping our customers one step ahead at all times.

2. Requesting a DBS application

Our unique online portal makes DBS Checking entirely stress free.

It’s been built around customer feedback and is as user-friendly as possible.

Requesting a DBS Check could not be any simpler!

Step 1 – Start the application

Login details can be provided to the applicant by the employer so they can complete their personal information in their own time.

This can help reduce delays caused by missing or incorrect information – one less stress for employers.

Alternatively, employers can complete this section on behalf of the applicant if preferred.

Step 2 – Manage the application

Login details will only be accessible to registered users from the organisation, ensuring high security is maintained.

Next, the level of Disclosure must be selected by the employer and ID documents named – other key elements of a DBS application.

Finally, payment will be requested for the application and then the CRB Check Online team will queue the application to the DBS within an hour to start the vetting process.

3. Making a recruitment decision

In some cases the result of a DBS Check can make or break a recruitment decision.

Employers using our DBS Checking portal will receive the result of the Check by email.

If the result is clear, employers can download a representative copy of the certificate from the portal – speeding up recruitment decisions.

If the result is issued with details of a conviction or caution on the certificate, employers must wait to view the applicants’ copy before making the vital recruitment decision.

Results are usually returned within 48 hours so you can complete Checks at the shortest notice.

If you’d like any further information about the key elements of a DBS application then please do get in touch with our friendly support team.