Basic CRB Check

A Basic Criminal Record Check – often referred to as a ‘Basic CRB’ – is the only level of Check available to individuals.

It gives details of an applicant’s unspent criminal convictions if there are any (unspent convictions are generally recent or serious ones).

Need a Basic Criminal Record Check for yourself? Click here and you’ll be transferred to our secure site…

  • Just £55 inc VAT
  • Takes less than five minutes to fill in the online form
  • No other fees payable
  • Certificate sent out in 3–10 working days on average
  • ‘The only exclusive check for individuals’


Do you need to screen employees? Request your Enhanced, Standard or Basic CRB Check by clicking the button below. On average, Enhanced Disclosures take less than 48 hours. Access our system today for free!

Who can have a Basic Check?

Anyone can request a Basic Check. They are often requested for the purpose of obtaining a personal licence (eg alcohol), visa applications, by people working in the security sector and by those being placed in a position of trust.

How much does a Basic Check cost and how long do they take?

A Basic Disclosure costs just £55.00 inc VAT and the certificate will normally be sent to you within 3 to 10 working days.

How do you apply for a Basic Check?

Simply CLICK HERE and we’ll direct you to our secure site where you can complete an application form straight away. It will take you just a few minutes.