How to Obtain a Basic CRB Check

If you need to obtain a DBS Check (the new name for CRB Check) for a potential employee then there is only one company to call to assist you with the process and that is the UK’s market leader – CRB Checks Online who since the legislation allowing DBS checks was passed in 2002, have provided many thousands of companies large and small with DBS checks for their employees and new recruits.
CRB Checks Online offers their valued clients a fast, highly efficient and totally confidential DBS checking service that is also affordably priced. They work with clients in many sectors including nursing homes, schools, doctors, dentists, care homes, nursery schools, financial and legal companies all of whom require DBS checks to ensure that those people within their employment have a suitable background history and that they are aware of any criminal record held that may affect their employment.
Obtaining a CRB online from CRB Checks Online is very affordable for even the smallest business, costing as little as £3.00 and you are always assured of a superb customer experience from the team at CRB Checks Online as they are dedicated to ensuring that all their valued clients are provided with the necessary information and answers to any queries. You will always speak directly to one of their highly trained advisors and they guarantee to never put you on hold to a call centre. In addition if your DBS check should show up any issues they provide a full support service to deal with the implications.
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