Fast, Instant CRB Checking Online

With the tightening of regulations regarding working with the young, old or vulnerable it is crucial that any business involved in these sectors such as hospitals, private schools, charities, nursing homes, childcare centres etc. run a criminal records check on their employees to protect those in their care.
Since the approval was passed in 2002, CRB Checks Online has been providing employers with a quick and efficient online service which provides all the details required to ensure that their staff members are fully checked and approved quickly.
CRB Checks Online pride themselves upon their commitment to the highest level of customer service, unlike many of their competitors a caller always speaks directly to one of their trained representatives with no annoying menus or call centre staff fielding calls.
They provide a low cost, fast and reliable service to retrieve a criminal records check easily online with just a few clicks. From as little as £3 you can get a CRB online completed within 48 hours. CRB Checks Online also provide customers with an introductory pack, telephone advice on any queries and a support network for advice on any issues if on checking an employee should have a criminal record.
If you want to find out more about undertaking CRB checks online then email the team, or visit the website.