Do School Governors Need DBS Checks?

When parents send their children to school, they’re trusting the school to keep those children safe.

Most school employees come into direct contact with children on a daily basis, and will therefore require a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

Do school governors need DBS checks

But do school governors need DBS checks?

School governors are volunteers who make strategic decisions for the school, ensure its budget is managed properly and hold the headteacher to account for the school’s performance.

The board of governors may only meet once a term and may not often have direct contact with children.

However, it is now mandatory for all school governors to have DBS certificates.

New legislation comes into force

The government published legislation which came into force in March 2016 meaning that all school governors must undergo enhanced DBS checks.

The requirement is retrospective, so governors appointed before 1 April 2016 who do not have a DBS certificate must obtain one by 1 September 2016.

Those appointed after 1 April 2016 must apply for one within 21 days.

What is an enhanced DBS check, and why is it important?

An enhanced DBS check reveals any spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings the applicant may have, as well as any additional information held by local police that’s considered relevant to the applicant’s role.

Child safety is of the utmost importance. As well as being a legal requirement for school governors, DBS checks give parents and schools peace of mind that pupils are being protected properly.

How can I request a DBS check?

At CRB Check Online we can help you with the DBS application process from start to finish.

Requesting a DBS check through our system takes less than five minutes, and most checks are completed within 48 hours.

Our system is split into two sections:

Start Application – this asks for all the relevant information about the applicant required to complete the DBS check, and can be completed by the employer or the applicant.

Manage Application – in this section, the employer confirms the level of disclosure required and carries out the identity check. This is completed by a registered contact within the requesting organisation.

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