Do DBS Checks Expire? The Facts


At CRB Check Online we’re asked tonnes of questions about DBS checks. One of the most common is: do DBS checks expire?

If you or an employee in your organisation has had a DBS check in the past, you may be wondering whether it’s still valid now.

Read on to get the facts…

Do DBS checks expire?

Do DBS checks expire?

The short answer is no – there is no official expiry date for a DBS check.

Each DBS certificate will state the date it was issued. The information revealed by the DBS check is only truly accurate on that date.

There is no predetermined expiration date because the subject of the check could have a conviction or other matter recorded against them at any time after the date of the check.

DBS checks are an important part of the recruitment process for many organisations, and it’s up to employers to decide whether to request a new check on an employee.

Many organisations renew their employees’ DBS checks periodically for the purposes of best practice. In some sectors, this is a requirement.

The DBS update service

The government launched the DBS update service in 2013. The service allows individuals to keep their DBS certificates up to date, and employers to check the status of employees’ certificates.

Individuals who have had a DBS check can register for the service for £13 per year, or for free if they’re a volunteer.

Once registered, individuals can check their details online, reuse their certificate from one job to the next (as long as the new role requires the same level of check) and give employers permission to check its status.

To check the status of a certificate, employers must be legally entitled to carry out a check and must have the employee’s permission.

Instead of having to renew DBS certificates every few years, employers will only have to do so if the update service shows the information has changed, or if the employee requires a different level of check.

Do DBS checks expire? A summary

So – do DBS checks expire?

No, there’s no official validity period for a DBS check, but it’s only truly accurate on the day it’s issued.

If an employee is registered with the DBS update service, their employer can check the status of their DBS certificate without requesting a new DBS check.

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