Do Community Drivers need DBS Checks?

Do community drivers need DBS Checks?

Community drivers provide an essential service to vulnerable adults who need to travel to receive services or care.

There are specific rules around DBS Checks for taxi drivers, but the rules are different for drivers who transport adults on behalf of community organisations.

So, do community drivers need DBS Checks? Read on to find out…

do community drivers need dbs checks

Eligibility for Enhanced DBS Checks


If an employee or volunteer carries out regulated activity, they will be eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check with a check of the children’s and/or adults’ barred list

Regulated activity comprises a specific list of roles, professions and activities that a barred person must not do.

In the case of regulated activity with adults, this includes:

“Any drivers and any assistants who transport an adult because of their age, illness or disability to or from places where they have received, or will be receiving, health care, relevant personal care or relevant social work.”

You can see the full list of regulated activities with adults here


Do community drivers need DBS Checks?


Community drivers who carry out regulated activity, as described above, are eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check with an adults’ barred list check. 

This does not include licensed taxi drivers or private hire drivers, and does not include drivers who only convey adults for purposes other than to receive healthcare, personal care or social work – for example, trips taken for pleasure. 

Below, we’ve explained the DBS eligibility in two different scenarios.


A community group volunteer taking an adult to a GP appointment


A person who volunteers on behalf of a community group to take an adult to or from their GP appointment would be in regulated activity.

It wouldn’t matter if the volunteer knew or was friends with the adult they were conveying. As long as the conveying was on behalf of the community group, it would be regulated activity. 

In this scenario, the volunteer would be eligible for an Enhanced Check with a check of the adults’ barred list.


Someone taking their neighbour to a hospital appointment


A person who took their neighbour or friend to a hospital appointment would not be in regulated activity, as this is a personal relationship.

In this case, the person would not be eligible for a DBS Check.


Obtaining DBS Checks for community drivers


So – do community drivers need DBS Checks? 

If they meet the definition of regulated activity above, then yes – they’ll be eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check. 

Obtaining an Enhanced Check is easy with our simple and convenient online platform. Register with us now and get started today. 

If you want to know more about DBS Check eligibility, see the government’s guidance or give us a call – we’re always happy to help.