DBS Checks For Recruitment Agencies

Many employers nowadays simply do not have the time to undertake recruitment drives using their own in-house resources, and therefore use the services of an external recruitment agency to assist with sourcing new employees.

If you operate a recruitment agency and work for clients whose business is in the care of vulnerable adults, children under 18 years of age or the elderly, or your clients operate in the financial services or legal sector, then any prospective new employees that you may source for your clients will require a DBS check to ensure that their background is appropriate to that field of employment.

CRB Checks Online can help you to obtain these DBS checks as they are the UK’s number one provider of DBS check reports and offer a fast, efficient, and highly confidential service for recruitment agencies requiring DBs checks for their clients.

The team at CRB Checks Online are highly trained in the process of obtaining a DBS check report on an individual’s history and criminal background prior to employment and they can advise you on the procedure and if any negatives should arise from the DBS check can provide support you in handling these issues.

DBS checks from CRB Checks Online start from as little as £3 and where there is an immediate need for new staff, each DBS check can be completed within 48 hours.

If you want to find out more about DBS checks for recruitment companies visit their website at: https://crb-checkonline.co.uk or give the team at CRB Checks Online a call today on 0843 178 0818. Alternatively email:  info@crb-checkonline.co.uk

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