DBS Checks for Musicians – Why do I Need One?

The DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Check is in place for recruiters to make decisions about whether someone is suitable for the job that they are advertising. The Check involves looking at criminal records and a person´s history to help recruiters decide whether a person is suitable to work especially with children and vulnerable adults.

When a musician often doesn’t work regularly or directly with children or vulnerable adults, it is vital for them to have a DBS Check carried out.

DBS Checks for Musicians

What jobs require a DBS Check?

There are plenty of regulations surrounding DBS Checks, and this is why it is useful for musicians to have one. By the very nature of their work, a musician can find themselves working in a number of different environments, and to be limited due to not having had a DBS Check would be foolish.

You may be asked to teach a class or individual child at late notice, perhaps perform in a prison, run a workshop in a school for adults with learning difficulties, or even set up your own community choir. All of these might require a DBS certificate.

How to get a DBS Check

A major obstacle for many musicians is the fact that a DBS Check normally needs to be applied for by an employer or potential employer. As the majority of musicians are self-employed, this can prove to be an issue.

There are, however some solutions. The Musicians Union can apply for their members and there are other umbrella musician´s organisations which can effectively act as a ´employer´ and apply on their behalf.

A DBS Check doesn’t remain ´valid´ as such. It is only accurate as of the date that the Check is made. It is at the discretion of the person requiring the Check, whether they accept it. However, it is possible to apply for the DBS update service, which is especially useful for musicians who are regularly asked for DBS Checks.

DBS Checks for musicians – a summary

It is generally recommended that anyone who works in teaching has a DBS certificate to make it easier to take on and commit to teaching work – whether it is short term or long term. By being prepared and holding a recent DBS certificate, musician can be available for work immediately and without the risk of administrative problems – which of course can only be beneficial to musicians.

Here at CRB Check Online, we can arrange for your DBS and CRB disclosures with minimal paperwork, minimal fuss and the quickest results possible. You can also track the progress of your application, giving you the peace of mind that your Check will be carried out quickly and accurately.

For more information about DBS Checks for musicians and in general, get in touch with us today.