DBS Checks for musicians – why do I need one?

Are DBS Checks for musicians necessary?

A DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Check is in place for recruiters to make decisions about whether someone is suitable for the job that they are advertising. 

This involves looking at criminal records and background to help recruiters decide whether a person is suitable to work – especially with children and vulnerable adults.
A musician may be eligible to get a DBS Check if they meet certain requirements and conduct particular activities in their current role.

DBS Checks for Musicians

What jobs require a DBS Check?


By the very nature of their work, a musician can find themselves working in a number of different environments.

For example, some musicians teach, train or instruct children frequently as a music tutor – often this work is conducted from the tutor’s own home. 

If some or all of the work the musician does is carried out from their home, they may be eligible for a home-based check as part of an eligible enhanced DBS application.

Depending on where a musician is employed, they may be requested to show a DBS certificate. However, unless their job involves regulated activity in relation to children or are conducting a listed activity for a service aimed wholly or mainly for vulnerable adults then there may not be the eligibility for one – therefore a Basic can be requested.

However, if a musician doesn’t have a DBS Check they may run into logistical issues working either in regulated activity with vulnerable adults and children or working in a specified establishment.


How to get a DBS Check


A major obstacle for many musicians is the fact that a DBS Check normally needs to be applied for by an employer or potential employer. As the majority of musicians are self-employed, this can prove to be an issue.

There are, however, some solutions. The Musicians Union can apply for their members (for specific work alongside children that would enable a check) and other musician’s organisations such as The Incorporated Society of Musicians offer DBS Checks to their members.

These are not the only bodies that can perform these checks – if an organisation specifically requires a musician to have had a DBS Check before they can start working there then they can apply themselves.


DBS Checks for musicians – a summary


It is recommended that anyone who frequently teaches children has a DBS certificate to ensure that they are suitable to perform this role. 

If a musician has been hired to conduct regular activity aimed wholly or mainly at children or vulnerable adults they will need to obtain a DBS Check.

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