DBS Checks for Individuals: Our Guide

DBS checks for individuals can be confusing to understand.

If you’re an individual who’s been told you need to apply for a DBS check, which level of check do you need and how do you apply?

In this blog we will discuss the different options available for DBS checks for individuals, to make sure you’re applying for the correct level of check.


DBS Checks for Individuals

DBS Checks for Individuals: Do you need a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check?

One of these first points to consider is whether you are eligible for a standard or enhanced DBS check. These are higher levels of DBS check which have eligibility criteria in place to obtain one.

You may be eligible for these higher levels of DBS check if you’re;

  • Working with children or vulnerable adults, such as teacher or carer
  • Working in healthcare
  • Working in certain financial roles
  • Any other eligible role.

You can use the DBS’ online eligibility tool to help see if you’re eligible for one of these levels of DBS check.

However, the key point to note when looking for DBS checks for individuals is that only companies/organisations can apply for these higher levels of check. You cannot apply for either a standard or enhanced DBS check as an individual.

Therefore, if you’ve confirmed that you require, and are eligible for, one of these higher levels of DBS check, you should speak to your employer or the organisation for which you will be working/volunteering for. They will then be able to apply for the check on your behalf.

DBS Checks for Individuals: Basic DBS Checks

So, what can you apply for if you’re not eligible for a higher level of DBS check?

If you’ve confirmed you’re not eligible for a standard or enhanced DBS check, then you can obtain a basic DBS check.

This check is a lower level of DBS check and is available to anyone over the age of 16. The good news is that you can apply for this check as an individual, no matter what your employment status is.

As of January 2018, basic DBS checks are now processed by both the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), and their counterpart in Scotland: Disclosure Scotland.

If you’re looking to apply for a basic DBS check and living and/or working in England or Wales, you’ll need to apply to the DBS. If you’re living and/or working in Scotland, you’ll need to apply for this check through Disclosure Scotland.


DBS Checks for Individuals: A Summary

So, if you’re looking to apply for DBS checks for individuals, what are the key points to remember?

  • Check to see which level of check is most suitable and that you are eligible for,
  • If it’s a standard or enhanced DBS check, the company/organisation you are working or volunteering for will need to apply on your behalf
  • Looking for a basic DBS check? Check whether you need to apply through the DBS or Disclosure Scotland.

If you’re an employer looking to process DBS checks for your employees or volunteers, then you can register with CRB Check Online today! Registration is free, so all you pay for are the disclosures you request.

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