DBS Checks for doctors – the lowdown

When patients are ill and go to their GP or a hospital, they are making the decision to put their health and lives in the hands of a doctor.

They trust that the doctor, who they may have never met before, is of sound character and worthy of complete, blind faith.

Failing to conduct legitimate DBS Checks for doctors in training puts the safety and lives of patients, the general public and other staff at risk.

This is why Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks are so important. Hopefully this guide to DBS Checks for doctors will help answer any questions you might have.

Why do doctors need a DBS Check?

Naturally, doctors must be proven to be of suitable character to work with children, who may often be left in their care without parent supervision.

Doctors must also be found fitting to work with vulnerable or defenceless people, including not only children but also adults suffering from physical and mental illnesses or those who have suffered in an accident.

How often do doctors need a DBS Check?

The NHS insists that doctors in training must undergo a DBS Check at least once every three years as a minimum requirement.

This is to check if their circumstances have changed at all during this time.

Moreover, if a doctor has changed jobs, it is the responsibility of the new employer to ask for a written assurance from the previous one that a DBS Check has been carried out within the last three years.

How do I offer doctors a DBS Check?

At CRB Check Online, we make it simple.

Once you have carried out your initial screening of potential new employees, just try our quick and easy-to-use online system.

CRB Check Online provides DBS/CRB Disclosures which are obtained by the police and government departments – they are used to reveal whether a potential employee has ever had a criminal record.

In the event of an incident, a DBS Check is the first line of defence against any potential inquiry.

For a small fee, an online DBS Check guarantees peace of mind for both patients and staff.

CRB Check Online issues most disclosures within 48 hours. If you would like to know more, please call us on 0843 178 0818 or just send us an email at info@crb-checkonline.co.uk.