DBS Checks for Doctors Surgeries

Patients attending a doctor’s surgery will naturally fall into all age groups and genders including the elderly, children under 18 years of age, and those who are vulnerable or with special needs. As such the staff who work within the environment of a doctors surgery come into contact with these patient groups, and therefore to ensure that they are safe and protected whilst attending the doctors surgery you would be well advised to undertake a DBS check for all employees. A DBS check which will act as a safeguard check that their background and past criminal history is suitable to be working in a surgery environment, and also as a form of protection for patients in your care from those that may harm them. CRB Checks Online are the UKs leading supplier of CRB check online and as such are a leading authority on the legislation that was passed in 2002 introducing the requirement for DBS checks on employees working in certain recommended areas such as with children, the elderly, vulnerable adults, legal and financial sectors. They provide DBS checks quickly, efficiently, and in total confidence for a wide range of employers including many national health authorities, doctors and dentists surgeries and if the DBS check undertaken should show up any information of concern the experienced team at CRB Checks Online provide a helpful advice line to guide you through the implications of this information regarding that person’s employment.

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