DBS Application Form: What Information do I Need to Provide?

Filling in a DBS application form may seem complicated – but in reality it’s a simple process.

It always helps to prepare in advance, so in this blog we’ll go over what information you’ll need to provide to complete the DBS application form.

dbs application form

The different levels of DBS Check


There are three different levels of DBS Check available: Basic, Standard and Enhanced.

Each level reveals different criminal record information. Standard and Enhanced Checks can only be carried out by employers – you can’t apply for these types of check as an individual. 

To have a Standard or Enhanced Check, your job or volunteer role must meet specific eligibility criteria.

Basic Checks are available to anyone aged 16 or over. You can apply for a Basic Check yourself, although employers can also apply on your behalf.

In all cases, you’ll need to provide the following information on the DBS application form:


Names and any name changes


You will need to provide your full name – including any middle names. 

You’ll also need to provide any other names you’ve ever been known by. This includes any changes to your middle name.

Some online applications may only have sections for a forename and surname. If this is the case, include your middle name in the ‘forename’ section.

All the names you provide will be checked on the Police National Computer, so it’s important you declare all your names correctly.


Date of Birth


The DBS application form will ask you for your date of birth. As with all the information you provide, check and double check you’ve got it right.




This includes your birth nationality as well as any changes in nationality – for example, if you qualified for citizenship of another country in addition to or instead of your birth nationality. 


Town and country of birth


You’ll need to provide both the town and country you were born in. As always, make sure everything is spelt correctly – any mistakes could mean your application gets delayed.




The DBS application form will also ask you for your gender.

The DBS offers a confidential checking service for transgender applicants, known as the sensitive applications route. This is available for all levels of DBS Check.

This gives transgender applicants the choice to not have any gender or name information disclosed on their DBS certificate that could reveal their previous identity to their employer.


Five-year address history


You should provide a full and complete five-year address history. This needs to include all addresses you’ve lived at in the last five years.

All your addresses need to have accurate ‘from’ and ‘to’ dates, and there shouldn’t be any gaps between addresses.

If your address history isn’t straightforward, you may need to follow the DBS ‘unusual addresses’ guidance.

There are lots of reasons your address history may be ‘unusual’. For example, you may:

  • Have no fixed address
  • Live in a refuge or sheltered accommodation
  • Have been in prison
  • Have lived overseas
  • Be a student who lives away from home during term time

We’ve written a whole blog post on unusual addresses – check it out here


ID documents


Whether you’re having a Basic, Standard or Enhanced Check your employer will carry out an ID check to make sure you are who you say you are. 

To complete the ID check, you’ll need to provide your employer with some documents that prove your identity and address.

The documents you provide will depend on your circumstances, but together they must show your name, date of birth and address. They should be current, valid and original documents – not photocopies.

For more information about what documents you’ll need to provide, check out our blog post on the subject


Filling in the DBS application form – we’ve got you covered!


We hope our blog post has given you a helping hand in completing your DBS application form. 

Mistakes on forms are one of the main reasons why DBS applications get delayed, so make sure all the information you provide is complete and accurate. 
If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line – we’re always happy to help out.