CRB Cost

Companies who offer CRB check online to employers, agencies and organisations generally don’t charge annual fees, they should not confront you with any hidden costs, and they should allow you a variety of payment options to suit your own accounting system.

CRB costs range in price and are determined by the level of check involved. In other words, a basic check will be your cheapest option, a standard check will be slightly more in cost (currently £34) while an enhanced check will inevitably set you back the most. The cost of an enhanced CRB check was increased by the Criminal Records Bureau from £36 to £44, and this increase took effect on 6th April 2011.

Though an enhanced CRB check can become quite costly if you’re a large organisation that needs to carry out the check on multiple people, it is imperative for those individuals seeking to enter various professions, including foster care, social work, healthcare and care work.

CRB checks, however, are free for volunteers. Any amount of cost to voluntary organisations would not be feasible. Volunteers will receive a CRB check free of charge but the company handling the CRB check may require a small administration fee.