CRB Checks for Dental Practices

As employees within a dental practice come into contact with children, the elderly and vulnerable adults, it is essential that employers running the practice carry out CRB checks to ensure that all dentists and dental nurses are suitable for employment, and that all the practices’ patients are therefore safe when visiting for check-ups and treatment.
To ensure that dental practices recruit staff with a background that makes them suitable for employment in this environment, CRB Checks Online provide quick, secure and confidential CRB disclosures that will ensure that dental practice owners/managers have complete peace of mind in their existing staff and any prospective employees.
CRB Checks Online will carry out the necessary required checks to provide employers with the most up to date, accurate information on potential and also existing employees where required. These checks will provide a guarantee that the dental professionals employed are of the correct calibre and most importantly it will serve to safeguard patients.
CRB Checks Online also offers a telephone support line to help understand CRB check online results and give advice on appropriate courses of action should any issues arise that need to be dealt with.
For an introductory pack email the CRB Checks Online team