CRB check for Volunteers

If you run a business or charity that is involved with the care or support of vulnerable people such as children or the elderly, and you have volunteers who become involved with these vulnerable people, it is vital that you carry out CRB checks on all volunteers to ensure that you are protecting and keeping safe those in your care.
CRB Checks Online provides a professional expert service to carry out CRB check online on any volunteers involved in your business or charity. A CRB check is obtained from the Criminal Records Bureau and can be requested by any charity or business wishing to take on volunteers.
The report that is returned to you as a result of a CRB check will be an accurate record of the persons criminal history, and will give you a comprehensive view in order to make a decision regarding their suitability for volunteer work in your business or charity.
CRB Checks Online carry out an efficient, affordable CRB service where you can apply for a CRB check as a one off, or you can sign up if you need to carry out regular CRB checks. They allow you to track your check online, and will send you your final report promptly. They also provide support for any issues that may arise as a result of a CRB check.
If wish to take on volunteers and need to check their credibility and criminal record history, contact the team by email to