Basic DBS Checks: Everything You Need to Know

As part of a change to the way basic disclosures can be processed, CRB Check Online can now offer basic DBS checks to many clients.

Basic DBS checks

But what do these changes mean? And how will they affect employers? This blog will give you all the information you need, meaning you can get started requesting the basic DBS checks you require.

What are basic DBS Checks?

Basic DBS checks are not fundamentally different to basic disclosures in terms of the criminal information that will be disclosed, but have been formed as part of a change in how the checks are processed.

Basic DBS checks will continue to provide information about any unspent convictions an applicant may have received. These are most commonly referred to as any recent or serious convictions.

When employers apply for a basic check, it will now be processed either by the DBS or Disclosure Scotland, depending on where the applicant is living and working.

For applicants living and/or working in England and Wales, their checks will be processed through the DBS. If they live and/or work in Scotland, their check will continue to be processed through Disclosure Scotland.

Who is eligible for basic DBS checks?

In line with previous eligibility for basic disclosures, any employer can request a basic DBS check for an employee if the employee isn’t eligible for a higher level of DBS check.

Employers can use the DBS eligibility tool to determine who’s eligible for a higher level of DBS check

How can employers request basic DBS Checks?

Employers can request basic DBS checks by registering as an employer with CRB Check Online. Registration is free, meaning all you pay for are the disclosures you require.

By registering with our service, employers will be able to apply for basic DBS checks if appropriate.

Once each application has completed vetting, employers will be notified via email. Then, in line with the process for higher levels of DBS check, the DBS will send a paper copy of the certificate directly to the applicant’s home address.

However, using the online system will mean that if the result is clear, employers can download a representative copy of the certificate directly from our site.

What are the key points to remember?

Basic DBS checks are useful criminal record checks to request for individuals who aren’t eligible for higher levels of DBS check.

So what are they key points to remember when it comes to understanding the new type of DBS check?

  • Basic DBS checks will detail any unspent convictions an applicant has. This is the same information as was previously disclosed on basic disclosures.
  • There are no eligibility requirements to obtain the check, and they are therefore useful for applicants who are not eligible for higher levels of check.
  • Employers can start requesting these checks straight away for their applicants. All they need to do is register here for free to get started.

Have any questions about basic DBS checks, or the DBS checking process in general? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.