A guide to individual Criminal Record Checks

Confusing. That’s a word we often hear used to describe them, so we’ve written a guide to individual Criminal Record Checks.

If applying as an individual, it can often be tricky to determine which level of Criminal Record Check you require.

Here at CRB-Checkonline we want to make the entire process easier for you so we have outlined the key information.

guide to individual criminal record checks

What level of check can I request as an individual?

This is arguably the most important point in our guide to individual Criminal Record Checks.

As an individual the ONLY level of check you can request is a Basic Criminal Record Check.

This is a check against the Police National Computer and will disclose any unspent convictions you may have as well as any recent/serious convictions.

This check is offered by a governing body called Disclosure Scotland and certificates are returned on average in 3-7 working days.

If you wish to request this check you can do so here.

Is a Basic Disclosure the right check for you?

If you are working in regulated activity with vulnerable adults or children you would require the enhanced level Disclosure.

You CANNOT request this level of check as an individual.

For all Enhanced and Standard DBS Checks an employer/organisation will have to apply on your behalf. This is a legal requirement to which an employer is bound.

If you believe that you require this level of check then you should get in contact with the organisation you will be working/volunteering for and arrange for them to request the required check.

I’m self-employed; can I request my own DBS Check?

If you require an Enhanced or Standard level DBS Check but are self-employed you would only be able to request one under the umbrella of a registered organisation.

If your business is a registered organisation you can sign up to our system in order to request your own DBS check. This is provided you can arrange for someone to complete your ID check for you.

If you do not have your own registered organisation than our advice would be to contact your local council – they should be able to request a check on your behalf.

A guide to individual Criminal Record Checks – a summary

Individual Criminal Record Checks are an aspect of pre-employment screening with a fair few pitfalls surrounding it.

It’s important to know where you stand and what your options are.

If you have any further questions about our guide to individual Criminal Record Checks or any aspect of CRB/DBS Checking then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 197 8858 or email us at info@crbsltd.co.uk.