A Basic Criminal Record Check: Key info

What is a Basic Criminal Record Check?

What is a Basic Criminal Record Check?

A Basic Criminal Record Check is a check of the Police National Computer (PNC) that shows all unspent criminal convictions on somebody’s record.

An unspent conviction is something recent, serious or still on somebody’s record which is not spent.

This check is solely a check of UK residences and certificates, therefore can only be posted to a UK addresses.

Why would you request a Basic Criminal Record Check?

A Basic Criminal Record Check is often requested as an alternative to a DBS Check.

The reason for this can vary but often it is because an applicant is not legally eligible for a DBS Check, but requires their record checked to some extent.

Benefits of a Basic Criminal Record Check?

  • It can give you credibility when looking for jobs
  • It’s the only check available for a UK citizen to apply for a visa abroad
  • Your current job may request for you to do as part as company policy
  • You can get a personal check of your record
  • Anyone can apply for a basic criminal record check unlike a DBS check
  • You will need this check for a Personal Liquor License Application
  • For volunteer work

What is the process?

Here at CRB Check Online, we offer Basic Criminal Record Checks for £55 for an individual or £47 per check for an organisation.

If an individual has applied they will receive their certificate by post and if an employer has applied on behalf of an applicant they will receive the certificate directly rather than the applicant.

These prices include both admin and VAT costs. All you need to do is fill out this quick online application which will take no longer than five minutes.

The application only asks the necessary details that the governing body (Disclosure Scotland) requires to be able to process the check.

Basic Criminal Record Checks typically come back within 3-10 working days as long as there are no internal queries regarding the check.

What identification is required?

For a Basic Criminal Record Check we require two different documents.

The first document needs to confirm the applicants identity – this can be for example a passport, driving licence or a European ID card.

The second document needs to confirm the current address what is stated on the application, for example this could be a bank/credit card statement issued within three months, a utility bill issued within three months or a p45/p60 issued within the last 12 months.

For more information on acceptable identity documents please don’t hesitate to call us here on 0800 197 88 58.

A Basic Criminal Record Check – Conclusion

We hope you found our blog on Basic Criminal Record Checks useful.

If you would like to speak to one of our team here at CRB Check Online for further clarification or to learn more about the range of DBS Checks please feel free to contact us on 0800 197 88 58  or via our website.